Sunday, October 2, 2011

The paperback is available!

The Grand Mirage is now available in paperback as well as a Kindle and Nook ebook. You can order it from Amazon and Barnes & Noble online, or ask for it at your favorite bookstore (ISBN: 978-0-9839958-0-7).

Buy it now, tell your friends!

The Grand Mirage has it all – adventure, romance, intrigue. British Orientalist Lord Leighton is sent to Constantinople in 1910 to thwart the Kaiser’s effort to establish a land link between Berlin and the Persian Gulf with the Baghdad Railway. The action comes at the zenith of the imperial age, with Europe on the brink of war. The Grand Mirage combines the period atmosphere of Alan Furst with the consummate intrigue of Eric Ambler and the rugged sense of adventure of Wilbur Smith.

If you like thrillers, this is the book for you. Even if you don’t normally read thrillers, you may find this surprisingly entertaining.

If you do like it, share your enthusiasm by making a comment on Amazon, so that other readers will be encouraged to buy it!

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